Knowledge, Experience, Expertise.




We are a global service provider to the automotive industry. Knowledge, experience and expertise vested in very capable people. They are dedicated to the service of our automotive clients, their dealers and customers.

Nexus Business Solutions is part of White Clarke Technologies, considered the world’s leading supplier of business technology solutions in the auto finance sector. So we have the technology and IT expertise to back up our people in ensuring optimum solutions can be comprehensively delivered.


We are headquartered in Milton Keynes, just north of London, with subsidiary companies in Detroit and Sydney. We are also actively engaged for clients in Mexico, Latin America, Africa and the Far East. Our clients are truly international and so we have to demonstrate genuine global reach in the myriad services that we provide.


We serve motor manufacturers – often referred to as OEMs – and their national dealer networks and customers. From SMEs to the largest corporations and the closely aligned fleet management, leasing and rental companies, they all form part of the Business to Business sector on which we concentrate all our resources and endeavour.


Fleet Sales and Aftersales are pivotal to the success of motor manufacturers in every market. It is our responsibility to help our clients innovate their fleet activities to add value to their businesses as well as their corporate customers, and then to sustain that progress over the long term.


An effective service provider must understand the subject matter business and the disciplines it follows in order to interpret the OEMs needs accurately. We have been doing that for over 30 years to create effective solutions that work. And we are responsible for the deliverables, which leaves no room for clever but impracticable concepts.


Our clients’ success is our success. That is an overused term but in our case it is the foundation of our business and the reason we have thrived over three decades. And our best proof that we can walk the talk? Their demonstrated confidence that we will consistently deliver on their expectations.