Aftermarket Programs

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In the commercial world that represents hundreds of thousands of vehicles operated by companies rather than individuals, ‘total cost of ownership’, otherwise referred to as ‘whole life costs’, has become a major determinant of the decision-making process.

Consequently, aftersales has become as important as the initial acquisition and eventual remarketing of the vehicles themselves. In that space and after the vehicles move into new ownership, parts and accessories are fundamental to positive brand equity and customer satisfaction.

We operate to ensure our clients always deliver more – whether that is parts availability, choice, value or the service that backs them up. The skillset is different to that of Vehicle Sales and our people reflect the different focus accordingly, but the methodology is the same.

When you read about consultancy, fully-managed programs, HR provision and call centers, but have an aftersales remit, it is good to know these services are available to you too. From the UK to Australia, we provide these client services dedicated to the aftersales agenda.

We include IT systems and marketing expertise in exactly the same way, helping clients to optimize both sales performance and customers care standards.

For more information and pricing, please contact us today

For more information and pricing, please contact us today,