Entering New Markets

Unearth our market expansion expertise

Companies with the desire to move into emerging markets can find the challenges to be faced are daunting. We have an answer to the question: How can I do it while minimizing risk?

To illustrate: We have a fully operational company in Shanghai and another one in Singapore. Commercial management, banking, legal and accounting functions are in place and we understand local requirements.

Most importantly, we are a service provider. We can provide experienced in-market representation; we understand the local culture and we can facilitate the infrastructure and resources necessary for a successful operation.

You can use us as the means by which you can enter the Asia Pacific markets. We can employ local people if required – for example as sales representatives – and the entire function can operate under your brand while we take care of all the necessary support functions.You simply pay a management service fee together with related costs and expenses. The contract period is usually 1-3 years.

If your initiative is successful, you can then move on to establish your own company to fulfill the business activity that has by then become established. If it is unsuccessful, you can withdraw from the market without any consequent implications. It is worth looking into if you are contemplating expansion into markets in which the culture, language and national requirements are quite different to those with which you are familiar.

For more information and pricing, please contact us today

For more information and pricing, please contact us today,